Keeping local and global communities informed on what’s happening inside CHOP.






An organized protest in support of Black Lives Matter, CHOP is a community working towards the demands presented to City Council to garner equity for Black citizens of Seattle. Those demands include defunding SPD by at least 50%, funding community restorative justice, housing, and healthcare, and freeing all protesters.

While CHOP began as an occupation of the area around SPD’s abandoned East Precinct, it was never the goal and always more than a location. CHOP is a movement that has spread nationally, inspiring other cities to do similar acts of protest.

We created this online space to continue our work, keep our community updated, and inform the world of what’s happening within our movement. A community of accountability and respect, CHOP asks the city of Seattle to lead the nation in joining our call for human rights.


Note: These demands aren’t exhaustive and don’t represent all voices of CHOP.

  1. We demand the defunding of SPD by 50%.
  2. We demand refunding education, housing, and healthcare in South Side and Central District.
  3. We demand amnesty for ALL protestors.

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